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Oskaloosa Girls Cross Country are 2022 NEK League Champs

Emma Vogel - 1st (NEK League Champ), Katelyn Vogel - 2nd, Holly Thacher - 3rd, Taylor Peterson - 4th (chased a girl down in the last 200 meters), and Lili Moffet - 20th

Top 15 medal: 1-7 are 1st team All-League; 8-15 are 2nd team All-League

The boys did a great job running some of their best times. Micah Billett worked hard through the whole race to put himself into a position to medal.  He made his final moves in the last 200 meters to earn 14th place and 2nd Team All-League honors.

The boys placed as follows Micah Billett - 14th, Jakob Lord - 24th, Jack Davis - 31st, and Reese Smith - 33rd

 "Are you proud to be a Bear?" ......... "Yes, we are!"

Cross Country will be running at the 2A Regional meet in Alma, KS at Wabaunsee High School Saturday, October 22nd.  The girls race will begin at 10am and the boys will follow approximately at 10:30am.