PTO Carnical

At the PTO Carnival Friday, April 1sts, everyone had a great time! The whip cream fling was a huge hit and there are rumors that it became a "sour cream" fling during the time frames of a couple of unnamed participants. (You can't hold a carnival on April Fool's day without a little bit of mayhem!)

The Jr and Sr High School students that helped out with the games and activities were positively magnificent, making it fun and special for all of the younger kids. This is what Bear Pride is all about. Watching the teenagers interacting with the elementary school students with such care and joy and generosity, setting an example for the next generation, was just so inspiring. (And Jesse Thacher's impromptu dance party when the cake walk ended may need to become a yearly tradition!)

We raised over $3000 that will be used for enriching the elementary school experience, which is great, but the most enriching experience for all of us has been seeing the bear family come together to have a great time for a good cause.