USD 341




2017-18 STUCO Officers

President: Jaden Courter
Vice President:  Julia Rivera
Treasurer: Lainey Schmelzle
Secretary:  Jenna Pfau
Social Media Chair: Jaycee Johnson
Class Representatives:
Sr:  Preston Alexander & Jerrod Shufflebarger
Jr:  Paige Lowe & Aaron Whaley
So:  Bailee Blanchard & Johnna Taylor
Fr:  Faith Lowe & Ellie Stember
Sponsor: Lisa Braun


Purpose of Oskaloosa HS STUCO

The Student Council shall be the student government organization of Oskaloosa High School.  It shall be a body designed to serve the community of Oskaloosa High by providing an active and representative voice that allows students, staff members, and any interested party to maintain the right to have an influence and impact on the decisions of Oskaloosa High School.  This shall be the primary function of the council.

Secondary functions, which shall be carried out when not in conflict with the primary purpose, include:

1.  The promotion of school spirit by the support and preservation of activities and rules which are deemed beneficial to the student.
2.  Providing a link of communication between students, faculty, and administration.
3.  To recommend and possibly implement programs/activities that pursue these functions.

The student government shall consist of the following positions:

1.  Student-body President
2.  Student-body Vice-President
3.  Student-body Treasurer
4.  Student-body Secretary

These positions are separate from class officers, and students may not serve in both capacities.  Candidates may be from any grade 9-12. 

Officers will be elected from student body at large and will be required to give a short 3-4 minute speech to their fellow students on why they are seeking the position and why they should be elected.

The Student Council will also consist of one member at large elected from each class, grades 9-12.

All candidates (officer and class representatives) must have minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater, no F’s the previous semester, and have had no major discipline referrals the previous year.

If a STUCO member receives a semester “F” during their tenure, they will be dismissed from their position on STUCO immediately.


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Oskaloosa, KS 66066

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It is the goal of the Oskaloosa Public Schools to host a successful and safe activity. Please do not allow your children to run free. They are welcome to come and go with you, or at half-time and between games. Keeping your children in the stands as spectators makes the activity more enjoyable and safe for everyone involved. Thanks for your cooperation.